Agata Siniarska
27.09.2017 descargar

I met Agata Siniarska through Ania Nowak. Ania would mention Agata from time to time in our ongoing abundant correspondence, she would also say that Agata and I were clones. During the research process for Matters of Touch, Agata joined the working sessions with performers. When Ania and I were sharing references and objetct and matter oriented ideas, Agata appeared often in our conversations because of her work. As a choreographer, she used the concept of the “hyperobject” to create her solo piece Hyperdances. She borrowed Morton’s acclaimed concept and took it to an exciting, performative place. Hyperdances happens in a room filled with spectators in which the human body, at least that of the performer, is secondary in relation to the material environment of the place. In another project, Mothers of Steel, Agata Siniarska in collaboration with Mădălina Dan researched tears. They cried together until exhaustion, underscoring the (bio)political role of emotions within our bodies, inseparable from technology. During the final period of the research for Matters of Touch, Agata was in Barcelona, where I finally got to meet her personally. We talked a lot about choreography, materialism, living organisms and feminisms, among other subjects. That encounter made us realise that indeed we share many similarities.

Many thanks to Ania Nowak for the English text revision