Simon Asencio
20.11.2017 descargar

  • 00:00
    Soft Materialism
  • 03:01
    Shape Insistence
  • 04:47
    Thought's materiality & ownership
  • 06:50
    On becoming invisible
  • 11:18
    The spy as the best performer
  • 16:42
    Rumors and Gossips
  • 20:52
    Galerie, practicing the problem
  • 25:36
    Information as fetish
  • 27:58
    Hyper Camouflage Strategy
  • 30:35
    Jessica, background actor’s life

Apparently, Simon Asencio has been twice in Sonia’s house. During his first visit, he was an spontaneous guest, together with some members of the (un)polished choreographic mafia. His second visit was triggered by an informal invitation in order to talk about his artistic practice. We could say that it also became a moment of smuggling of information. Ideas travel freely trough human and non-human bodies but their form insists on property issues. During the conversation, a book made itself visible among many objects in the kitchen. To their surprise, it was related with the conversation they were having that evening. It was The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad. The book would participate soon in the notion of insistence. But this is another story that has nothing to do with what they talked about on this occasion. An unexpected and annoying noise joined the conversation for a while. Sonia’s neighbors were also having their own smuggling of information. What did Simon and Sonia talk about that evening? Did Simon spread some rumors within the conversation? Where did they go afterwards? What was Jessica doing at that precise moment? How many identities can the same person embrace in an entire life? Who is Simon Asencio?

Many thanks to Carolina Jiménez for the English text revision