Apnea #13 Conversation with Ran Zhang

We are all of us walking communities of bacteria.
The world shimmers, a pointillist landscape made of tiny living beings.

Lynn Margulis

Apnea #12 Conversación con Blanca Callén

And I am a material girl
Living in a material world


As if we could scrape the color of the iris and still see

We mainly suppose the experiential quality to be an intrinsic quality of the physical object’-this is the so-called systematic illusion of color. Perhaps it is also that of love. But I am not willing to go there-not just yet. I believed in you.

Maggie Nelson

APNEA #6 Conversación con Iraida Lombardía

Travel becomes a strategy for accumulating photographs

Susan Sontag

APNEA #5 Conversación con Xavier Acarin

“[Techno] wasn’t designed to be dance music, it was designed to be a futurist statement.”

Jeff Mills